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How to Save Money On a First Class Vacation

When you start planning your next vacation, you might wince when you take a look at prices. Between airfare and a hotel room, you can hit the limits of your budget before you factor in the cost of food, tickets to popular attractions and fuel or a rental car. Though it might seem impossible to believe, you really can have an upscale vacation on a down home budget. You just need to shop smart and know when to travel.

Vacation During the Off Season

The busy season in Orlando is in the summer. Travelers head to Disney World and other amusement parks when their kids are on summer vacation. Las Vegas comes to life during the winter because the weather is nice and people like to ring in the New Year in style. After picking your destination, find out more about the busy season. Staying during the off season can help you save hundreds of dollars or even more. Many resorts that offer winter activities like snowboarding and skiing offer fun activities in the summer months for a fraction of the price too.

Know Where to Stay

Many people assume that they must stay in the city center, but staying in the heart of a major city can cost more than you ever dreamed. These hotels can charge twice the price or even more than those on the outskirts of the city charge. The Vegas Strip is one great example. Staying just one block away from that area can slash your hotel costs in half. Some hotels offer amenities to entice travelers to stay further from the city like water parks, tours of local attractions and scuba diving or snorkeling classes.

Look for Unexpected Deals

Instead of looking for a hotel or resort, look at homes for sale or rent. When searching for a luxury home for sale McHenry County Illinois travelers might find that the owners of those homes offer nightly and weekly rentals. This gives you a private place to unwind, a full kitchen for cooking and private bedrooms. You may even find amenities like amazing views of the nearby lake, outdoor fireplaces and game rooms stocked with games for guests of all ages. Searching real estate sites can help you find the perfect vacation property. With these easy tips, you can enjoy a first class vacation without going over your budget.