Choosing the Perfect Father’s Day Gift for Your Dad

Father’s Day only comes around once a year, so take advantage of this opportunity to show your dad how you really feel about him. While flowers, brunch, and candy are all typical gifts for Mother’s Day, many people have no idea what to give their dad for Father’s Day. The usual suggestion is to give him a card and a tie, but not many fathers actually want a tie for the holiday. In fact, few men even wear ties anymore, and those who do usually reserve them for work. Instead of something boring, put some effort into it and choose a great gift for your dad this year.

First of all, think about what your father actually likes and enjoys. If he loves baseball, get him something that honors his favorite team. If he loves to read, consider buying him a new great book or even a subscription to a monthly book service. If he loves to hunt, maybe you could buy him optical mounts from a company like Al Flaherty’s Outdoor Store for his next big trip. By making sure that the gift is related to something he enjoys, you’ll increase the odds that he will actually use and appreciate it.

Next, consider buying your dad something he can do instead of an object. Studies have shown that having an experience with someone you love is more memorable and meaningful than getting a gift from them. Maybe you could book an excursion with your dad and take him on the trip of a lifetime. If he loves sports, take him to the big game. He’ll never forget the time he spends with you and how thoughtful you were.

Finally, don’t stress too much about buying anything at all if you don’t have a lot of money. Sometimes the best gift can be honest words of love and appreciation. Often, we focus our attention on praising mothers but forget that dads need love too. Take some time to thank your father for everything he has done for you. He will remember that forever and be glad you did it.

Don’t let Father’s Day pass you by without taking some time to show your dad the love he deserves. He will appreciate any gesture that you make, but one that shows thought and effort will be especially appreciated by your loving father.