What to Look For When Buying a Fifth Wheeler

Determining whether or not a certain fifth wheeler is a good investment or not is just a matter of doing a

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little homework and due diligence, and buying from a reputable RV dealer. When you’re in the market to get yourself a used fifth wheeler, consider looking into these factors first.

A Solid Fifth Wheeler Should Have the Following Items in Check

Mechanical factors. Road safety is always the most important factor to consider when buying a fifth wheeler, or any other type of vehicle for that matter. Be prepared to get underneath any vehicle you intend on investing in to make sure the frame is in good condition. Things like rust, broken welds, cracks or impact damage are all red flags that should alert you of a compromise in safety.

Structural factors. Going through the inside of the fifth wheeler really quickly is enough to help give you a sense of the structural elements of the vehicle. Look for things such as leak stains on the ceiling, soft spots on the floor, difficulty opening the entry door, peeling of the fibreglass, and damaged windows. These are all costly repairs that will need to be dealt with before you take the vehicle out on the road. For more information about what a fifth wheeler in good condition should look like, visit

Condition of interior accessories and appliances. Check to the condition of the appliances, such as the fridge and stove. These are costly appliances, so if you have to replace them, make sure you’ve got the budget to support these expenses. Look for other things like outdated fixtures, old floors, old-fashioned window treatments, and so forth.

Buying a fifth wheeler can be one of the best investments you ever make. But it’s in your best interests to do the research necessary before buying, and always buy from a reputable dealer, such as Oklahoma RV.